SIMPLY Roll Design - logiciel pour étude outillage de profilage, conception et réalisation des galets de profilage, outillage de profilage, galet de profilage.



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SIMPLY Roll Design (logiciel pour étude outillage de profilage et galet, galets).

SIMPLY Roll Design - logiciel pour étude outillage de profilage, conception fleur de profilage, galet de profilage, galets de profilage:


Etude - Conception des galets de profilage:

Logiciel outillage de profilage Ubeco Profil logiciel outillage de profilage COPRA logicie outillage de profilagel Simply Roll Design


Ce logiciel à pour but de vous aider la conception de vos études d'outillage de profilage, de vos galets de profilage, très complet à voir.


SIMPLY  Roll Design ® :

Site Weeb:


Delta Engineering Inc.

Phone 416-225-6161
Fax 416-225-3277
Address 11 William Carson Cr., Suit 305, Toronto ON. Canada, M2P 2G1

SIMPLY Roll Design®

Start designing rolls immediately. Practically no learning curve is required.

Typical SIMPLY screen






Interactive help

Metric and imperial designs

  • User friendly
  • On screen interactive graphics and data
  • Complete windows help system
  • Complete flower design
  • Automatic preliminary roll drawings
  • Automatic roll fillers
  • DXF file output for compatibility with all major CAD systems
  • Cut and Paste graphics into your Quotations or any Windows application

Takes full advantage of Windows dialog boxes

Windows dialog boxes

Drawing preview

Strip width calculations

Custom viewports

Quick zooms

Preliminary roll drawing

Scroll through the passes

See shaft and spacer outlines

Modify roll diameters and lengths

Change pass line

Rotate part or rolls

Interactive on-line help

Free Downloads


    OS Instructions
SIMPLY 1 Download a demo of SIMPLY roll design Windows Click twice on SIMPLY.exe. Use the control panel to PAUSE, FF or STOP the demo.
SIMPLY 2 Download a working copy of SIMPLY roll design Windows UnZip all files to a directory and click twice on SETUP.EXE

This LT version of SIMPLY is restricted to only several elements and no print or DXF export capabilities.

SIMPLY 3 Download several SIMPLES for SIMPLY roll design Windows UnZip all files to a directory and open them with the working copy of SIMPLY (File/Open/Flower or Part)


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